CurtainsTechnical Specifications

Dekker Centre Tech Equipment


Control:  ETC Ion with fader wing

Dimming: ECT Sensor Cem+ sensor racks with 145 available circuits.

Fixtures: Source 4 750 watt





S4 19




S4 26




S4 36




S4 Fern.




Cyc 3 cell




Ground 3 cell



 House focus;

The stage is divided into 3 areas across by 4 areas deep. Each area has a warm and cool front wash from 3 FOH hanging positions. The thrust area has no top wash, the downstage and mid stage areas have a 3 colour top wash and the most upstage area is only 2 colors.

 There are two permanent onstage LX positions. LX 1 is immediately upstage of the main curtain, on it are the top wash, 6 specials total (3 x 19 degree, 3 x 26 degree) and 2 tips per side.

LX 4 is upstage and houses the CYC lights in a 3 colour wash. LX positions 2 and three are floating, using drop boxes to make up the LX. These are positioned either side of the mid stage black traveler to light the center stage areas. Both 2 and 3 have tips, and top wash,  2 being 3 color and 3 being only 2 color.

Gel stock is limited and is suggested that visiting groups bring any color they may need.


Console: Yamaha LS9 32 channel

PA: Left and right fill; Meyer UPA-1P, center UPA-1J, front/lip fill Meyer MM4 cubes

Mic Stock;

Shure SM58 Beta x 4

SM57 Beta x 4

SM 81 Beta x 4

Beta 52 x 1

Beta 98. x 3

Crown PCC; 5 each

Radial Pro Di; 4 each

Radial Pro 48 Di; 1

Wireless; 8 Shure handheld with SM58 heads, 4 belt pack lav mic

2 14/4 snakes @ 30ft

Monitors: 6 QSC KW122

Yamaha Stage Pass 300 portable system

DVD player, CD-RW recorder/player and iPod dock, CD player


The fly system is a single purchase, counter weighted system with 37 pipes total. Flying will be done by trained persons at the discretion of the Technical Director. At this time there are no premade drifts. There is a limited supply of turn buckles, chain and shackles. Any items to be flown must be approved by the Technical Director.

Control is stage left from the stage floor or a mid rail.



Stage floor is a sprung plywood base floor, painted with Rosco Tough Prime.

Stage dimensions are as follows with the current hang of soft goods.

Thrust edge to curtain line – 13’

Width of Proscenium – 35’ 6”

Performance space - 35.2 wide leg to leg, 17’ deep, curtain line to mid stage blacks, 26’ to cyc

Total depth from thrust edge to back wall – 45’10”

Total width from fly rail to stage right wing wall – 89’4”


The loading bay is grade level and large enough to accommodate small vehicles and trucks or trailers 35’ or less with any ramp or tail gate extended. Larger combinations can be accommodated for loading and unloading only but the door must remain open.

Shore Connections

Currently there are no shore power connections available, fresh water is available inside the loading bay with a pass through, user must provide hoses.


Dekker Centre Stage Plot 1/8'' Scale

Dekker Stage Lighting Plot AutoCad File (Dwg)

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